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Re: XF86 configuration

On Mon, 1 Jan 2001 12:18:23 EST
MrHobbit420@aol.com wrote:

>  Hi,

Hi there.... 

>     1. My Video card is NVIDIA Riva TNT2 model 64.  In the installation 
> process
>   "anxious" failed to identify the video card.  

Happened here, as well, with same chipset anchored on an Elsa Erazor III
LT display card. Using X3.3.6, Support for all the TNT2 stuff (Ultra,
Vanta, M64 same as the 'original' TNT2 chips ) and for Nvidias ancient
Riva chips is handled by XF86_SVGA server, so it actually doesn't really
matter for setup if you're running TNT2 or TNT2 M64... Other words:
choosing Nvidia Riva TNT2 is very likely to get your X working :)

>   it gave an error saying "mouse not found".  Next time I tried

It's pretty likely that you're running the gpm mouse package to have mouse
support not only for X but also for the text-based consoles, in this case
you probably want to give "/dev/gpmdata" as mouse device in X and read the
appropriate manpages (gpm , XF86Config) to find out how to get the mouse
wheel working... If you can't get along with those information, simply
modify your /etc/X11/XF86Config file as follows: 


Section "Pointer"
	Protocol "IMPS/2"
	Device "/dev/psaux"
	Buttons 3
	ZAxisMapping 4 5


Short: '/dev/psaux' is the Linux standard device to access a PS/2 mouse,
"IMPS/2" tells X that you're running a 'wheeled' mouse, and the
ZAxisMapping entry tells the server what to do with the movement of the
wheel... In most cases (GTK-based programs, Mozilla, Filerunner and some
others) you will already be able to then use the wheel for scrolling
through lists and text fields without any more software... If you need to
get more sophisticated configuration done or if you want to use an
'ancient' Netscape with the mousewheel, you should check the 'imwheel'
package... or give me a mail if you need more help, okay? :)

Bye, all the best...
...and, besides... happy, peaceful, successful and calm 2001 to you... and
to everyone on this list, thanks for another great year of support and
help, you guys rule! :)

See ya, have a nice evening...

>      Please help. Thanks.
>                   nitai 

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