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Re: CD Audio tracks/file system

Yep, that's exactely what I've done - both /dev/cdrom and /dev/hdc* are chown
Then make sure that you are adduser <yourself> cdrom, and everything works as
it should!


On Tue, 26 Dec 2000 10:31:27 -0500, Scott Patterson said:

>  >I had done that, but overlooked one small fact; I was in the cdrom group,
>  >but not the disk group, to which /dev/hdc was pointed.  I had no rights to
>  >physically scan the CD for tracks!
>  >
>  >How has everyone else set up the permissions for their IDE /dev/cdrom links?
>  >I don't like being in the disk group, I just hope it's usually automatically
>  >set up the *proper* way and I just wrecked it myself...
>  I'm guessing that ALL /dev/hd? are setup as group "disk". What I did and I
>  believe is the *proper* procedure, is simply change the group of /dev/hdc (or
>  whatever your CDROM is) from "disk" to "cdrom" ("chgrp cdrom /dev/hdc"). Of
>  course, any users that need access should be in the "cdrom" group. Use "adduser
>  username cdrom" to do that and have the user log out, then log in again for the
>  changes to take place.
>  Scott
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