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Navigating your drive in text mode (was: Re: configuring network card solved.)

--- "S.Salman Ahmed" <ssahmed@pathcom.com> wrote:
> Ok, you are right about that. But check out the
> package documentation in
> /usr/doc/<package-name>. If you don't have
> manpages installed, you can
> always look at the package docs in /usr/docs to

I just wanted to mention (for anyone who didn't
know already) that I found an easy way to go thru
the documentation. (I don't have X installed. I
need to learn linux before I can begin playing
with X)
For anyone using the command line to navigate the
system, if you start lynx with the parameter of
'/' (that is, a slash without the single quotes)
it points lynx to your root directory and lynx
becomes a file manager. 
(I used to use XTree on DOS years ago, so for me,
this is great.)

> But just know that you do not have to reinstall
> Debian to tweak and
> reconfigure the system. And telling newbies to
> reinstall Debian to do
> that, no matter how many smilies you use, just
> isn't good advice.

ok, I (finally) agree with you. 

> We all need to do our bit to make sure that new
> users do not get
> intimidated by Debian, and go back to their
> OrangeVest Linux distro that
> has GUI config tools.

I'm keeping a notebook of all the files and
utilities I find in my exploration of linux.
maybe in a few months we'll see yet another linux
doc out there...

> PS: If you have any other configuration issues
> with your Debian
> installation, speak up now and we'll try and
> help you in ways that won't
> require you to reinstall Debian.

well... now that you mention it...  ;-)

no, seriouisly, I just have to figure out the
nameing conventions used on the system for all 
config files. can you recomend any good books on
linux sys administration?



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