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Re: Catch-22 with modules/backups

On Sat, 23 Dec 2000 15:32:34 EST, JoshNarins@aol.com said:

>  I did not install SCSI support during my debian-2.2.17pre6
>  installation, since I have no SCSI devices.
>  I have one backup mechanism, a CD-Rewritable drive.
>  The CD-Rewritable howto says I need SCSI support.
>  (whoops!)
>  I am eager to try making a debian kernel,
>  to make sure only the drivers I need are there,
>  but first I need to make a backup !!!
>  The module I am missing is sr_mod, which I am told is loadable.
>  dselect knows nothing about scsi or sr_mod,
>  apt-get knows the same.
>  www.google.com has no links to any sources that I can find.
>  If you look for "sr_mod" in the debian packages area,
>  you get nothing, becuase it treats the _ as a space.
>  Two or three people have tried to give me help, but one
>  said "good luck" and the other main one began 
>  "Start with a clean .config file" (um, what .config file?)
	You can use your /boot/config-2.2.xx as a bootstrap for
your kernel compile .config file.
	To get the 'sr_mod ' set CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR=m in SCSI
support type.
	To  record on IDE/ATAPI drive you'll need SCSI emulation
set for module 'ide-scsi' ; SCSI support for 'scsi-mod' module;
SCSI generic for 'sg' module.
	Also set CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECD  to N or M and not
directly linked to the kernel.
	When you want to record a cd you'll have to activate the
SCSI bus and drivers with modprobe ide-scsi and also run
cdrecord -scanbus.

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