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Re: configuring network card solved.

I just want to say upfront that I have nothing
but good intentions. If my words sound harsh or
unfriendle, it is not meant to be so...

--- "S.Salman Ahmed" <ssahmed@pathcom.com> wrote:
> >>>>> "xucaen" == Xucaen  <xucaen@yahoo.com>
> writes:
> If you are going to give advice to newbies,
> make sure it is good
> advice. Reinstalling Debian just to reconfigure
> the network interfaces
> is overkill to say the least, and bad advice to
> give to newbies who are

it is better than "see 'man gateways'"

> probably just getting over the install. Yeah,
> ask them to do it one more
> time!

I've done it 4 times this week. it's kinda fun. 

> Network interface configuration is done through
> the
> /etc/network/interfaces file[1], and a text
> editor. This file is very
> well documented in its manpage:

I did not know about this file.. well
documented?.. does that mean it gives examples?
I've noticed that man has wonderful definitions
but never any examples..
well, I'll see for myself once I get linux
re-re-reinstalled again..

> man interfaces

rtfm? never!!  ;-)

> It would be worthwhile to spend 10-15 minutes
> reading that manpage and
> understanding how that file works together with
> the

I'm sorry, please don't misunderstand me.. but
last week after installing for the very first
time I didn't even _have_ man. and everyone told
me "see man ..." but I  didn't have it.. I had to
install it..  it's nice to sometimes find at
least an example, or an alternative to man.

> /etc/init.d/networking startup scripts to
> configure/deconfigure network
> interfaces , rather than spend the > 15 minutes
> reinstalling Debian.

ok, as a newbie I swere I did not know about
these scripts. I will take a look (when linux is
done re-re-reinstalling..  ;-)

> I'll concede this much though: it would be nice
> to have a dialog/curses
> based tool that reconfigures network interfaces
> in the same way as is
> done during the Debian install.

this would be great!  I couldn't help thinking
how nice it would be to be able to run the
installation program again just to configure bits
and pieces that I may have missed...
ahh well, all this re-installing can only make me
an expert at ..well, installing debian!  ;-)

> /etc/resolv.conf (Nameserver settings)
> /etc/hosts
> /etc/hostname
> /etc/network/options

hmmm.. I did not know about the options file..
again, thankyou!!
happy holidays!!!


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