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Debian is not for me

Yes! Debian is not for me. It does not recognize my sound card even though
two other OS do (Win98 and SuSe6.4), that are on this same computer. There
is no clear cut instructions on how to make this possible. I have read the 
Sound Howto and that still leaves me guessing. Then there is the printer
and that is the same story. I installed Cups and there is no printer drivers
available. You need to go and find a printer filter and that tells you to find
the printer drivers elsewhere with no clear cut instructions. I can can get 
my mouse to work in Gnome with Icewm but then I have to go to a console
to kill gpm so that it moves around in Gnome. So no thanks I will stick
with distro's that have better instructions.
Clay Stapleton

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