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Re: gmc package status

No idea what that means! I have two solutions: Progeny (progeny.com) has .debs of gmc and mc-common that are compiled with the right version of glibc so you can install those and they fix the worst problems. secondly, I just installed nautilus since it was avaiable in the update today and it's really cool, don't even need gmc anymore! Good luck. -Jeff

Kai Weber wrote:
+ Joachim Trinkwitz <jtr@uni-bonn.de>:

I wrote a bug fix against gmc for many weeks ago (and I was not the
only one), but the maintainers never fixed this one, even after many
upgrades both of mc and glibc, so I think they are not interested in
this specifical user problem.

I just found, that removing my FontPath line with TrueType fonts from
XF86Config-4 brings the icons back on screen. Huh. What does this mean?


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