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Re: gmc package status

Jeff Hornsberger <jhornsbe@csc.uvic.ca> writes:

> Hi. It has slowly dawned on me that, since I installed Debian almost 2 months ago, gnome midnight
> commander has never worked properly.

Yes, same here. This is due to mc not being compiled with the new
glibc version.

> the reading I have done it seems this is from bug #77172 "gmc fails to create its metadata.db". All
> of these problems outlined above are already registered as Important Outstanding Bugs against the gmc
> package and most of them are almost 50 days old! Also from what I have read it sounds like these
> problems are fixed when you build the package yourself (something I'm not interested in wasting my
> time on).

I wrote a bug fix against gmc for many weeks ago (and I was not the
only one), but the maintainers never fixed this one, even after many
upgrades both of mc and glibc, so I think they are not interested in
this specifical user problem.

I fixed this during many mc upgrades by compiling gmc from sources
(put a src line in your sources.list and do a 'apt-get --compile
source gmc', which will produce a gmc deb in your current
directory). This has a massive disadvantage when you are sysadmin for
many workstations (like me).

Finally, I found that Progeny's Debian (see http://www.progeny.com)
distro has a working gmc (put the line `deb http://archive.progeny.com
progeny main contrib non-free' in your sources.list and do `apt-get
update ; apt-get install gmc'). Debian founder Ian Murdock and several
leading Debian developers, among them xfree86 maintainer Branden
Robinson, stand for this Debian variant, so we can trust on the
packages quality, I suppose.


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