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mutt question

dear all,

this is a pretty complicated question...

when i get spam, i like to send complaint letters to the people responsible
for the ip and/or zone that the spam came from.  i also like to use
traceroute to send a complaint to the system upstream from them, since that
usually belongs to the same zone anyway.

i usually send complaints to postmaster and security at each ip address
listed above.

is there a way to "drop" an ip address into mutt, and have

	postmaster@ipaddress, security@ipaddress

automagically appear in the To: header?

i know this is complicated and would prolly require an external script, but
it would really make my life more convenient.

of course, i would find the ip addresses in another virtual console; all i
want is to be able to send mutt these addresses and have mutt automatically
fill the To: header.

much thanks!


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