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How to make diald coexist with eth0?

How can I set things up so  that, if the eth0 interface can't be upped
(for example, the cable modem  is unplugged, or something is broken on
the  remote end),  diald  is started?   I  guess I  could  put an  "if
ifconfig eth0; then  ..." in /etc/init.d/diald.  But is  this the best
way?  Just now my cable modem was unplugged, and the machine seemed to
hang at boot.  I don't want it to  hang. I want it to  say, "OK, looks
like we  can't up  eth0, let's try  diald instead", or  something like
that. Whatever. Any suggestion must  be better than my current method,
which is 

cd /etc/init.d
mv diald-renamed diald
./diald start


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