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Re: X4 and my Voodoo Banshee

>I'm having a hell of a time getting this to work.

Ahhh, the painful process of learning.

>I'm running a mostly-clean install of Debian.  It'd be wholly clean,
>except that when I set my sources to woody to get the .debs I'd like,
>dselect threw in a bunch more and I wasn't inclined to argue :)
>Anyways, as the subjects says, I'm trying to get X4 running _properly_
>with my video card, meaning that I'd like to have proper acceleration of X
>with my Banshee.  I followed the instructions at debianplanet for X4 under
>3dfx cards, but it balked at the libglide3 step, and when I searched the
>packages under dselect I couldn't find it either.
>But I have installed the proper libglide2 packages, or so it appears.  As
>I understand it, I now have to install the device3dfx packages for
>libglide2 to run properly.  I've downloaded and installed the source .deb,
>to want compiled kernel sources in /usr/src/linux?  I tried out the
>header-package, ran debian/buildpkg, got a .deb out of that, but it
>doesn't install properly.
>So what's the secret?  What am I supposed to do?  I'm not sure exactly
>_how_ I'm supposed to compile the .deb myself, so it's possible and likely
>that I've done something wrong in that regards.  I'm willing to compile a
>kernel, if I have to.  I'm willing to reinstall if that's needed.
>So what am I supposed to do?

I'm no pro at this, but I did get 3D acceleration working on my Banshee, so I
know it works. Here we go...

Glad to see you followed the debainplanet tutorial. Along with cleaning out my
old XF3.3.6 stuff, I also removed most (if not all) of my glide/3d stuff. IIFC,
you need libglide3 and that's it. Libglide2 and device3dfx are for XF3.3.6.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I'd look at my installed packages, but, that
box is at home.

Also, you need to recompile a kernel to support DRI and tdfx. I'm running
2.4.test10. The only problem I with my setup was that my default depth for X was
set to 32. It should be 16 as that is what the Voodoo Banshee supports for 3D
acceleration. Once I changed that, I had 3d support fullscreen and in windows.

Email me if you need more help (am I asking for trouble???).



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