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Harddisk controller _almost_ solved!

Sorry, i'm late, but i haven't had time to try.
Here' is how i worked out. I also use the Asus A7V. I plugged the Harddisk into hda,
booted from CD, installed Linux and checked the I/O of the Promise controller. Then i 
replugged the hd back into the ATA-100 controller and booted like you described with
the actual numbers from my board.
The next thing i'll try is to use the patch from www.linux-ide.org.
Is the speed the system accesses the hd now the same as when I use the driver from
the patch?

Thanks to everybody for all the help.


>Take a look at www.linuxnewbie.org and look for an NHF (newbieized 
>help file) on ATA-66 this will tell you how to work out the memory 
>range for your promise controller. Then to install debian all you 
>will need to do is type the following at the initial boot screen 
>linux ide2=0x9400,0x9002,10
>your numbers may vary, the third number is the irq. If your board is 
>an ASUS A7V then these numbers are probably correct as this is the 
>board I use. 
>Once you have installed, you will need to boot the same way otherwise 
>the drive won't be found. Once you have booted you can put this line 
>in the lilo.conf file and run lilo as root to have it work 
>To use the secondary controller you will need an ide3=.... with 
>(obviously) different mem/irq values.

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