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Re: konquerer won't run ...

I just did this last night for the purpose of promoting debian to my gf.

To do so, they say to add
deb http://kde.tdyc.com potato main crypto optional qt1apps
or the miror
deb http://kde.rap.ucar.edu potato main crypto optional qt1apps

to your /etc/apt/source.list---but I needed to append /debian to the URL,
and didn't use the words crypto, optional, or qa1apps (but never tried

After that, apt-get update, then I believe I did
apt-get install kdebase konqueror konsole

and startx startkde 
after terminating xdm.  The new KDE is pretty and crisp, but I really like

note, this is as I recall so there may be a few tweaks or such
required...check the ftp site for filenames and directory structure.

have fun

Adam Shand writes:

> i just tried to switch from windowmaker (which i've been using for
> years) to kde2.  i did:
> # apt-get install task-kde
> # echo "startkde" > ~/.xsession
> # startx
> when i run kde most things won't run and i get a lot of segfaults.  when i
> open the control panel there's nothing in there.  no modules, no icons.  
> when i try and run konquerer (really the reason i'm trying kde cause i'm
> sick of netscape) it won't even start.
> is this something that has a known fix?  i'm running a mostly woody system
> (it was pototo but large chucks of it have been upgraded as needed).
> adam.
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