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Re: Best Light Web browser??

In article <20001202165512.A1750@wanadoo.fr>,
Jonathan Gift  <jgift@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
>I've tested Chimera2, Express, Arena, and gzilla. Anything else out
>there as a simple web browser capable of getting through the
>gimp-manual? Of the lot, the only one that didn't crash after 30 secs
>from Chimera2.

If you're using the GIMP, you're probably using the GNOME desktop
as well. That comes with an integrated help system that browses
html too - and it's pretty lightweight.

For example:

$ gnome-help-browser file:/usr/share/doc/squid/FAQ.html

It doesn't quite render slashdot.org correctly though (how's
that for the understatement of the day)


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