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Re: Why not dselect?

Quoting Michael P. Soulier (msoulier@storm.ca):

>     Right, so I could go to the top level, hit = and put a hold on the entire
> list then, right? That'll probably do what I want. 
>     What I'm curious about is why this is done in the first place. My
> situation is this, and I don't think it's uncommon:
>     1. I'm running the latest stable for the base system on most things.
>     2. Every now and then I want the "latest" something, be it Vim, Mutt,
> whatever, so I temporarily point at unstable.

I don't think dselect was ever written to handle more than one

>     3. I go into dselect to browse the packages I want, with no desire
> whatsoever to upgrade the entire system to unstable, and it's already marked
> my entire system for upgrade. 
>     Personally, I think that's bad default behaviour. You should have to ask
> for it explicitely.

You might try the following workaround, though it's untested as I don't
use dselect:

1, 2. As above.

3. Do this as a user, not root. That way you're limited to read-only

4. Restore it to point at stable.


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