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Re: Why not dselect?

On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 04:52:16PM +0100, FB wrote:

> When you update the list of packages, either with apt or dselect, all
> packages that you have installed are marked for upgrade, if newer version is
> availabile.  This is the only 'autonomous' decision of dselect I'm aware of.
> To prevent this, you can put in hold (=) packages that you don't want to
> upgrade (you can also put in hold whole sessions, pressing = while being on
> a session header line).

    Right, so I could go to the top level, hit = and put a hold on the entire
list then, right? That'll probably do what I want. 

    What I'm curious about is why this is done in the first place. My
situation is this, and I don't think it's uncommon:

    1. I'm running the latest stable for the base system on most things.
    2. Every now and then I want the "latest" something, be it Vim, Mutt,
whatever, so I temporarily point at unstable.
    3. I go into dselect to browse the packages I want, with no desire
whatsoever to upgrade the entire system to unstable, and it's already marked
my entire system for upgrade. 

    Personally, I think that's bad default behaviour. You should have to ask
for it explicitely.


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