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Re: gnus disconnected mode

Adam Shand <larry@spack.org> writes:

> does it support disconnected mode imap?  that is my one big remaining
> gripe about pine (and as far as i know mutt's imap support is more
> primitive then pines still).

Yes, it  does. I tried it  with 5.8.3 and  it sort of worked  (I can't
remember what  problems I had).  They're up to  at least 5.8.7  now so
yeah, check  it out. These days  I'm on a cable  modem so disconnected
mode is not as much of a priority, but: my machine goes to 
sleep when I'm  not using it, and that  means various IMAP connections
time out  with strange consequences.  For example, five minutes  ago I
sat down to continue reading  debian-user which I hadn't touched for a
couple  days. I was  in the  summary buffer  and eventually  Gnus said
"imap: no such process". So I  had to nuke the summary buffer, go back
to  the group buffer,  run gnus-group-get-new-news,  and create  a new
summary buffer by selecting the group. 

In other  news (hah!) I've made  several attempts at using  Gnus as my
main mail-reader, but I invariably  give up. Maybe because it's such a
huge hulking hairy  beast. So I read debian-user with  Gnus and all my
other folders in Pine. 


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