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Re: executable compatible with Debian and Redhat?

Jinsong Zhao <zhaojs@cadence.com> writes:
JZ> This is the first horrible thing I can think of: code compiled on
JZ> Debian does not run on Redhat! Several programs I compiled on the
JZ> Debian run fine on Debian, but when I installed Redhat and tried to
JZ> run those programs, say in bash you type "./pgp", then the error
JZ> message is:
JZ> bash: ./pgp: No such file or directory
JZ> I used this command: "sh pgp" and then the error message is:
JZ> cannot execute binary file

This generally means there's some sort of library problem.  Try
running 'ldd pgp'; it should display a listing of the libraries needed 
by the program.

(I'd imagine this could also happen if either (a) you had an a.out
binary from a *really* old Linux distribution, or (b) you had a binary 
for another architecture.  I'd assume neither of these to be the case

JZ> I downloaded the binary geomview package from www.geomview.org. It
JZ> runs fine on Debian, but it has the several problem as above.
JZ> My redhat is 7.0. What is happening here? Does anyone have similar
JZ> experience?

Mmm, Red Hat, the paragon of stability and usability.  You might try
falling back to Red Hat 6.2; its libraries are more likely to be
compatible (particularly with Debian stable) and it's known to work

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