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umlauts-in-terminal/console-problem after upgrading to woody

I have a large problem getting umlauts to work since I upgraded to woody.
I made the XFree4.0-Server run although I use a voodoo3-2000. Caused me
some problems etc. but it works now. Aswell I got that new locales-package. I
edited /etc/locale.gen and generated de_DE aswell I edited
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and changed us to de and 104 keys to 102. Now I have a german keymap.
But still _no_ Umlauts like (äöü) under any terminal or console. Neither
without nor under X.
I already asked around in debian-chat but the only thing they could tell
me was: export LC_ALL=de_DE and then restart bash. Which really made Umlauts
work under a single console/terminal, but not systemwide!
How can I apply this systemwide now?

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