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Re: Problem with Z32 in a Woody box

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Manegold wrote:

> > 
> > >
> I assume that the parport support in the kernel/modules is enabled/the
> module loaded and PLIP disabled.
> Can you try with some other device if it's a port problem (looks like
> one though) or printer Problem?
> Thorsten
	I do not have other device available to check the port. I think
the modules are enabled and what I am not sure is if PLIP is disabled.
How could I check this? I enclose here some outputs that could be of help

a) lsmod output 

Module                  Size  Used by
parport_probe           3344   0  (autoclean)
parport_pc              7184   1  (autoclean)
lp                      5168   0  (autoclean)
parport                 7280   1  (autoclean) [parport_probe parport_pc lp]
lockd                  31152   1  (autoclean)
sunrpc                 52432   1  (autoclean) [lockd]
ds                      6544   2 
i82365                 28528   2 
pcmcia_core            44384   0  [ds i82365]
nls_iso8859-1           2272   1  (autoclean)
nls_cp437               3776   1  (autoclean)
vfat                    9008   1  (autoclean)
serial                 19696   0  (autoclean)
unix                   10160   9  (autoclean)

b) cat /proc/parport/0/*

MODEL:Lexmark Z22-Z32;
DESCRIPTION:Lexmark Z22-Z32;
base:	0x378
irq:	none
dma:	none
modes:	SPP

c) lpq (just after sending an ASCII file to the printer with lp)

Printer: lp@nst12  'z32'
 Queue: no printable jobs in queue
 Status: job 'root@nst12+334' removed at 21:47:06.076
 Filter_status: lp is ready and printing

It seems to be ready but as soon as the file arrives it is removed from
the queue. If I just do cat file > /dev/lp0 as root neither it complains
nor it prints anything. 

	I hope this information could give you a hint. Thanks for your
interest. I posted a similar asking to a DELL Laptop users mail list and I
got any answer from there. Sorry for the mistakes in my first messages,
I am a full newbie in mail lists and I may be prone to this silly


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