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Re: Does the stock kernel support VESA Framebuffers?

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Joe Emenaker wrote:

> I'm trying to run X on my Dell Inspiron 3700 with Debian. I've got X
> running, but it hangs when I try to do a suspend. All of the howto's I've
> read say that, in order for suspend to work, I need to be using the FBdev
> xserver... which requires that I start with framebuffers turned on with the
> "vga=791" command at boot time.
> However, whenever I try this, I don't get the neat penguin logo that
> everyone says I'm supposed to get. I get this psychotic lava-lamp looking
> things that acts as if I'm turning the brightness on my laptop up too high.
> People have suggested that the kernel doesn't have VESA framebuffer support
> compiled in. Does anyone know if this is so?


The .config file used to build the stock kernel can be found in
/root/config-2.2.17 (for potato).  Look in that to see if VESA support was

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