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Adding ghostscript drivers

The stp driver seems to be all the rage at www.linuxprinting.org (or at least
it is when Epson inkjets are involved), but the Debian ghostcript packages
don't include it.  What would be the least disruptive way for me to get an
stp-enabled gs running?  (I just picked up a Stylus Color 880 and was
slightly disappointed to find that, although text is OK, magicfilter's
StylusColor800 driver doesn't quite cut it for graphics.)

Related question:  linuxprint.org's Script-O-Matic doesn't support lprng.
(More specifically, the lpd-O-Matic says it mostly works with lprng, but
there are some bugs.)  Is there a HOWTO out there on going from lprng to
CUPS?  And is it worth the trouble?

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