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Re: OpenGL Segfaulting...

Evan Van Dyke wrote:
> Agh!  Not sure how far back it goes but after one of the recent
> woody upgrades, any OpenGL application I try to use segfaults!
> glxinfo works fine, but q3demo, ut, gears, the GL screensavers,
> etc all segf on me.  I've had X4.x up and working for a while...
> and tried reinstalling my local compilation but that didn't seem
> to help.  Not sure what's going on, but does anyone have any gusses?
> system:
> Voodoo3/3000
> X4.x
> PII/400

Ok, here's a little more info:  I just downloaded the newest glide,
recompiled and reinstalled that.  Regressed back to the -test6 kernel
which I know it worked on.  When trying to run q3demo, it blanks the
screen and switches the resolution... but as soon as it starts to play
the opening movie it dies.  the ldd on my libraries and executables
all point to the appropriate versions.  glxinfo runs correctly,
doesn't say it's rendering by MesaIndirect or anything.  My _guess_
is that it's something in the libc, libm, libdl, or libpthread
as I've replaced all the others with known working versions, or
recompiles of known working code.  Anyone have any suggestions?


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