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Re: dpkg and user install mode

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 09:09:38PM +0100, Olivier Billet wrote: 

> I have no manpage for fakeroot on this system. In fact I just need a
> way to compile, say for example the eterm package and use it just for
> me (that is because the root dont want to take the time to do it or
> dont want it wide system installed). So, if this depends on the Imlib
> package, I'm fooled because I dont know how to tell eterm that I
> installed Imlib only "locally".
> I hope it's enough clear, I search a sort of --prefix option. Does
> this fakeroot allow this ?

Forget about fakeroot. You can _build_ .debs with this, not install
You wrote something about "compiling" stuff. .debs are compiled
already. Of course you can compile whatever you wish in your ~ but you
should not be able to install it as a user for security reasons.
If you really need some program tell your admin why you need it and
ask him nicely to install it.

Please write below the qouted mail and just qoute the relevant part.

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