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RE: Problem with Z32 in a Woody box

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000 Manegold@uni-trier.de wrote:

> On 28-Nov-2000 curro wrote:
> > 
> >       Hi, I have been unable to configure my Linux box to print in a
> > LexmarkZ32 printer connected to the serial port. I have installed in 
> Do you really mean "serial port"?
> I seem to remember that the Z32 does not work under Linux. At least I
> think that is what www.linuxprinting.org (or .com?) has in it's database.
	You are completely right, I am sorry, it is my fault. The printer 
is connected to the parallel port, the usual one for printers. It seems
that this printer is supported. I downloaded the linux driver from the
lexmark site. It was available as an rpm package but I installed it with
alien without any problem, just the printer is still completely "deaf" to
any of my requirements.

> > my 700MHz Inspiron 5000e laptop the Woody dist (It seems necessary to
> > get
> > X correctly configured) and everything else seems to work correctly  (I
> X should have nothing to do with it, since lpd/lpdng are deamons that do
> not depend on X. Also ghostscript as the filter ("driver") does not need

Again you are completely right. I only said that in order to explain why I
choose Woody instead of Potato. I am not completely newbie to Debian and
Linux but I would have installed potato as it is the stable distribution
which should give less problems. The need of a running X  force me to try
woody, with very good results up to now.
> > didn't try to compile neither sound support nor APM yet). My problem is
> > that I am not able to "communicate" with the printer.
> > 
> >       Reading the Printing-HOWTO it seems necessary to disable PnP
> > support for the parallel port from the BIOS setup, what I am not sure
> > how
> Is it the parallel port now?

> > to do it. In any case I have tried the various setup configurations for
> > the parallel port and none of the allowed me to "talk" to the printer.
> > I
> > got /dev/lp[0,1,2,21] but sending a file to these devices had any
> > effect
> Since you said you connected it to the serial port that is correct.
	It was connected to the parallel port.

> Sorry, not to be of help.
> Thorsten
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	In any case thank you for pointing out my mistake and for your


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