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scsii installation problem

Hi all !

I am trying to install Debian 2.2 linux - standard kernel package - to an old
IBM PC server 500 - that is a Microchannel machine. After booting from rescue
floppy I use command:

floppy0 no-hlt mca-pentium

After a while the system stops after finding the SCSII adapter with following

IBM MCA SCSI: Version 3.1e
IBM MCA SCSI: <snip> .... controler found, io=0x3540 ... <snip>
IBM MCA SCSI: Removing default logical SCSI-device mapping.
IBM MCA SCSI: Probing SCSI devices.
IBM MCA SCSI: ERROR - command error!
              Last SCSI command=0x40e, ldn=15, host=0
IBM MCA SCSI: Subsystem error-status follows:
              Command type ...............: 10
              Attention register .........: ef
              Basic control register .....: 3
              Interrupt status register ..: ef
              Basic status register ......: 4
              Send report to the maintainer.
Kernel panic: IBM MCA SCSI: Fatal error from subsystem
In interrupt handler - not syncing.

Can someone help ?

LP, Miro

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