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Re: Q: Why 24 depth/not 32?

i reccomend starting X using:

startx >&X.log

then look at X.log to see what it says ..maybe you set the wrong section
of XF86Config to use 32bit (some XF86Config files have many different
display sections to set color depth). since your using xdm i suggest
stopping it first(close all  your X apps then do /etc/init.d/xdm stop).

i have the best luck in 16bit color..and stick to it even on my fastest
machines. ..course i also cant tell the difference between a 96kbps mp3
and a 128kbps or 196kbps ...



Jonathan Gift wrote:
> Hi,
> I've set up XF86Config to run at 32 bits, which my ATI Xpert&Play 98
> accepts in W98SE. Only when I use xwininfo I see that I'm still running
> at 24 depth. Since I know my card accepts this, is it Blackbox, or does
> it default to 24?
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
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