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apache 1.3.12 sources + dpkg-deb


I downloaded the apache 1.3.12 sources and wanted to make a deb from it
but dpkg-deb -b apache-1.3.12 says:
dpkg-deb: failed to open package info file `apache-1.3.12/DEBIAN/control'
for reading: No such file or directory

I rename apache-1.3.12/debian to DEBIAN and then the same command again:

dpkg-deb: parse error, in file `apache-1.3.12/DEBIAN/control' near line 7:
 missing package name

ok, there was a spare new line on the 7th line. I deleted it.
then I did a dpkg-deb -b apache-1.3.12 again:

dpkg-deb: parse error, in file `apache-1.3.12/DEBIAN/control' near line 9
package `apache':
 `Depends' field, invalid package name `${shlibs:Depends}': must start
with an alphanumeric

that's all. what shall I do now?

can my dpkg-deb be too new? (1.6.15 (i386))

I'd like to make an apache with frontpage extension but first I wanted to
make a deb file from the original source...

thanx in advance

ps.: does someone know of an apache+frontpage.deb? then I needn't to
bother with dpkg-deb.

 Gabor Gludovatz <ggabor@sopron.hu> http://www.sopron.hu/~ggabor/

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