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OT: request advice new PC


sorry for the off-topic posting, but as a debian user, I would like to get
some info from other debian users about their PC system. I'm about to buy
a new PC, and what I would like to have is 2D hardware accel in XF 4.0.1,
good soundcard, good motherboard, ...

Question is: I've been reading a lot about those NVidea drivers, and their
not-opensource-ness, is there a good alternative? What is a good video
card for someone who doesn't play games, but likes a 3D screensaver, and
likes a desktop in 1280x1024 @ 85 HZ in X, and be able to move Eterms
around in a quick way?

Thanks in advance for any info!



"When it comes to humility, I'm the greatest."
-- Bullwinkle Moose

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