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qt's, what to keep, what to virtually vaporize


I'm trying to pin down some weird bugs from kde2 and a post from the
debian-kde list prompted me to look at my own system. it really boils
down to the qt libs I currently have installed and I would welcome

ii  libqt1g        1.45-1.1       Shared Library used by applications linked w
rc  libqt1g-dev    1.45-1.1       Environment for QT GUI development.
ii  libqt2         2.0.2-1.1      Qt GUI Library (runtime version).
rc  libqt2-dev     2.0.2-1.1      Qt GUI library (development version).
ii  libqt2.2       2.2.2-0.potato Qt GUI Library (runtime version).
ii  libqt2.2-dev   2.2.2-0.potato Qt GUI development headers, static libraries
ii  qt1g-doc       1.45-1.1       Comprehensive docs (html), examples, and tut
ii  qt2.2-doc      2.2.2-0.potato Tutorial and reference documentation and 

as you can see, I have some older qt's here. I will remove the test packages
I built after I clear up the qt's here and see if things perk up a bit.

question: should I remove all the older qt's leaving only the 2.2 doc, runtime
and dev?

Thank you
Best regards


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