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Re: how to access image file without floppy

On Fri, Nov 24, 2000 at 01:23:06AM -0500, Harry Henry Gebel wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 24, 2000 at 12:23:07PM +0800, a wrote:
> > My floppy drive does not work. Can I read files in image file such as
> > resc1440.bin?
> To read the files on the rescue disk (which is a FAT filesystem):
> mount -o loop -t msdos rescue.bin /mnt
> To read the files on the root disk (which is a compressed ext2 filesystem)
> Backup file:   cp root.bin temp_root.bin.gz
> decompress:    gunzip temp_root.bin.gz


zcat root.bin > tmp_root.bin

> mount:         mount -o loop -t ext2 temp_root.bin /mnt

beware if you have any user accounts other then yourself you should
mount that:

mount -o loop,nodev -t ext2 tmp_root.bin /mnt

the /dev nodes on the root floppy image do not have secure
permissions.  (they are all 644)

Ethan Benson

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