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Re: Telent

On Wed, Nov 22, 2000 at 09:28:03PM -0800, Trainer wrote:
> I have a question. Is there some configuration that I need to make in order to telnet in to my Linux box. I have a static ip, and i can log on locally. I have the gateway configured. I get the log in thru telnet and enter root and then password. Everytime I get incorrect login I know this is not correct because i can log in locally. Can i use root to log in? I very new to Linux and Debian and need some advice.

	First of all you don't want to login as root especially
	with a program like telnet.  Someone could snag your password
	and you would not be happy.  Install ssh and use that.  Your
	information will be encrypted then.  Even with "ssh" I would
	recommend to login as a regular user and then "su" to root.
	That way someone would have to break two passwords to get to
	your vitals:)

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