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problem with keys in X

Hello there

I'm a bit confused by key usage in X:
I have two computers, one as nfs-sever, and one as client. The following
happens when I am logged in as the same user on one or the other
computer (it is the home-directory that is exported, nothing else). On
the server, I can use Alt-Tab to cycle through the windows, but I must
use the Windows-key (=meta) to run commands in emacs. So far so good
(would be nicer to use Alt in emacs, too). On the client, I have to use
the Alt key for commands in emacs, but I cannot cycle through the
windows at all. This is confusing because the settings for emacs and
sawfish (did I mention that I'm using gnome-helix with sawfish?) are
identical on both machines due to the same user-specific conf-files.
What do I have to change on one of the machines that they behave the
same way?



PS.: I hope you understand ym way of writing...

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