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On-topic: I too have always heard good things about IBM SCSI drives;
you might also want to consider getting multiple smaller SCSI drives
(maybe 4.5 Gb or so) used on eBay and it might turn out to be much
cheaper than the two larger 18 Gb (especially since HD are relatively
sturdy compared to memory or other things and buying multiple, even
used, would spread your risk so any single one going bad would not be
too much of a loss).  Also, it seems that since this is a game server
(rather than an enterprise-type server) the additional cost for brand
new drives might not be worthwhile depending on a budget.  A similar
argument might be made for the Adaptec on eBay.  I fyou want new,
check pricewatch.com of course, for pretty much best prices on
commodity components around.

2nd question: I've always used cheap Tulip-based Linksys 10/100 NIC's
for around $14 each, but I've sometimes had configuration headaches
(all now resolved).  Most people who can spend more money seem very
happy with Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/100 (maybe $80???).  You
shouldn't have to spend anywhere near $150 for most general purpose
NIC's to work fine with linux.

Off-topic: As for "poke-fun-at-the-linux-user": why not suggest they
be the file-sharing server and see how windows handles it?



> Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 22:28:53 -0600
> From: "Brandt Dusthimer" <brandt.dusthimer@qcom.net>
> To: "Debian User List" <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
> Subject: Converting to SCSI.  HELP!!!  
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> Here's a question for all you SCSI lovers and fanatics out there.
> When my friends and I have LAN parties I usually am: 1, the only linux
> user so I'm often the butt of other people's jokes (especially when
> things don't work right . . . :( and 2, I'm also usually the file
> sharing server.  However, when everyone's uploading/downloading
> to/from me, I experience major system lag and if do anything (even
> simple command prompt stuff) there upload/download time increases a
> lot.  Once again, this is another their poke-fun-at-the-linux-user
> jokes.
> SO, being the all powerful linux user that I am, have decided to
> start using SCSI.  I am under the assumption that SCSI will help.  If
> I am wrong. . . well I don't exactly have money spurting out my ears (
> I bag groceries ), please tell me that I'm wrong.
>     SO, here's all of my questions:
> What kind of hard drive should I get?  I'm looking at IBM drives
> (18.2 gig for the shared drive, 9.1 for the system drive), but they're
> a little bit on the expensive side.  I would like somewhere around 15
> MB/s transfer rates (enough for my system and enough for the LAN
> card's 12.5 MB/s).

> What kind of SCSI card should I get?  I'm looking at an Adaptec
> 2930U2.  You may think I'm crazy for having a 80 MB/s card, but I
> figure that I, as a server/workstation, won't need to upgrade it soon
> and I won't mind paying the extra $20.
> Also, I'm planning on getting a Plextor 12x4x32.  Good choice right?
> Hey, I figure why not.  It's the same price as buying an IDE (around
> where I live) and it's cheaper than an 18.2 IBM hard drive.
>     Thanks,
>     Brandt Dusthimer
> Curious question for you all.  What's the best 10/100 LAN card for
> Linux.  Currently, I'm using a tulip (Netgear something or another).
> I would like it to have good linux support and have fast transfer
> rates and be stable and all that good stuff.  Perferably nothing
> over $150.  Thanks, Brandt Dusthimer

Daniel A. Freedman
Department of Physics
Cornell University

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