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Is it fdisk? (potato)


I'm very new to this list (and rather new to Debian).

I recently installed potato on two machines (a PC164
based Alpha and a Asus K7M based Athlon).

While "fdisking" I get errors (or better: warnings)
on both systems that I never saw before and I'd like
to know how to avoid them (Yes, I was lazy and boot
both systems from their installation kernels).

Both systems have Symbios based SCSI controllers
(Alpha: Intraserver ITI-3140U, Athlon: Tekram DC-390U2W)
and I couldn't find a reason why my question could be
specific to Alpha, so I decided not to to pollute the
debian-alpha list with this stuff.

O.k., here it goes:

After creating a new partition, using the `w´ command
in fdisk I get following messages (I'm typing this
manually from a handwritten script ;-}

Calling ioctl () ...
Device busy for revalidation (usage=3)
Re-read table failed with error 16: Device or resource busy.
Reboot your system to ensure the partition table is updated.

And I *have* to reboot to make a new partition usable.
If anyone has any hints to avoid this (some place in
the archives I didn't find so far, other debian lists
...) please let me know.

Stefan Schroepfer

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