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Re: X 4.0.1 w/ VooDoo3 300 (Working!)

Bam! Well I just got it going. I guess it was trying to use xserver-svga. After doing dpkg --purge xserver-svga, dexter ran right. I had already done everything in the tutorial except that. Thanks for the link.


Scott Patterson wrote:

I've seen several people say they have gotten this combo to work, but I
have had no success.  If someone could tell me *exactly* the steps they
have taken, I would appreciate it.  I have installed
task-x-window-system-core 2.0, task-x-window-system 3.0, and kernel
2.4.0-test11 on a fully Woody system.  I used the symlink hack to get
around the current xserver bug in woody.

Should  DRI and the VooDoo3 be enabled in the kernel, and if so, as
modules or not?

Also, dexter doesn't ask which kind of video card I have it just goes
straight to mouse selection.

The error log file is given below.

If I use xf86cfg or XFree86 -configure (same thing) it simply dies with
a 'caught signal 11 - aborting'

Let me know if you need more information.
Thanks for any help any VooDoo users may have!


There is a quick tutorial on what to do at http://www.debianplanet.org. It's
even geared towards 3dfx chipsets. I followed it and had no problems.

Yes, you need DRI and tdfx. Compile it in or make it a module, it shouldn't
matter. I compiled mine in, IIFC.

Nothing like accelerated 3d in a window...


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