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Re: X 4.0.1 w/ VooDoo3 300

>I've seen several people say they have gotten this combo to work, but I
>have had no success.  If someone could tell me *exactly* the steps they
>have taken, I would appreciate it.  I have installed
>task-x-window-system-core 2.0, task-x-window-system 3.0, and kernel
>2.4.0-test11 on a fully Woody system.  I used the symlink hack to get
>around the current xserver bug in woody.
>Should  DRI and the VooDoo3 be enabled in the kernel, and if so, as
>modules or not?
>Also, dexter doesn't ask which kind of video card I have it just goes
>straight to mouse selection.
>The error log file is given below.
>If I use xf86cfg or XFree86 -configure (same thing) it simply dies with
>a 'caught signal 11 - aborting'
>Let me know if you need more information.
>Thanks for any help any VooDoo users may have!

There is a quick tutorial on what to do at http://www.debianplanet.org. It's
even geared towards 3dfx chipsets. I followed it and had no problems.

Yes, you need DRI and tdfx. Compile it in or make it a module, it shouldn't
matter. I compiled mine in, IIFC.

Nothing like accelerated 3d in a window...


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