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Re: subnets & 2 NICS in a mashine

Stefan Janecek wrote:

> uh,uh. things start getting complicated, especially because i missed the
> beginning of the thread. from what i can figure out, your configuration
> is the following:
>                                GOOFY
>           (     eth1(
>                         /          \
>                        /            \
>     ( MICKEY            MINI (
> and on goofy your hosts file is
>  #file /etc/hosts
> localhost localhost.domain
> t-online.de t-online
> first: DONT use real (internet) domain names if you ever want to connect
> your system to the internet. this will save you a lot of troubles.


> - Can all machines ping each other by IP ?(that would mean IP-forwarding
>   works)?

This would be the first issue, I guess. What exactly does IP
forwarding help to do?
Other helpful users pointed me to have a look at "bridging". Are both
closely related?

> - Who can ping whom by name? thats a matter of name resolution. i noticed
>   that you have
>   but only
>   maybe thats the source for some of your problems.

Can't really imagine this because MICKEY (win95) has these settings:
This exactly pertubes me because W95 does only seem to support
NT-domanes. Which entries would you suggest on the W95 mashine after
changing "DE" to "HOME_NET"?

> - How do the /etc/hosts files of the clients (mickey, mini) look like?
>   if you want them to ping each other by name you will have to do one
>   of the following:
>   + keep correct hosts files on every client. bad idea, esp. if you want
>     to attach more clients to your network.
>   + serve /etc/hosts by NIS. thats what i would do for a home network.
>   + install a DNS server on goofy for your domain. maybe too sophisticated
>     for just a few clients - except you want to learn how to run a DNS
>     server...

The only mashines that cannot ping each other by IP are MICKEY<->MINI,
hence the two out of the two different subnets.
But this relates I guess to ipforwarding you mentioned - could you
help me on this issue?

> What i did not catch at all: why are you serving two clients by two NICS?
> would make sense only for an exercise on 'how to configure ipforwarding'

Rather no  :^)

I was just trying to spare a switch, actually nothing more. But
thinking it again over, yes - it might help me to understand or more
less get a "feeling" of networks.


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