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svgalib screen sync once more...

Hi folks,

Some of you perhaps read the thread about my svgalib screen sync problems 
with the DSTN 640x480 screen of my laptop and ct65535 chipset.
One of the problems I could solve:
My console isn't scrumbled any more when I switch back from graphics to
textmode, I achieved this by using TextClockFreq 20.0 (strange to me, as
this is lower than in standard VESA modes - If someone could enlighten
me?), but it works.
The other problem grew even weirder:
When I switch to graphics mode with dvisvga or zgv, the LCD-screen is
scrumbled and shows very strange patterns. I can restore this with
LCD/CRT/LCD switch (also was like that in X).
When I switch to graphics mode with gs or gnuplot, I DON'T have this
So is this a problem with svgalib configuration or a bug in dvisvga/zgv?
(The latter would perhaps mean, that X has the same bug) (or even a bug in
the hardware?)
If I use the UseModeline option and change the modelines, I get absolutely
no effect, the screen looks exactly the same, no matter what kind of
modeline I specify (of course modesize always stays the same (640x480)).

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