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Re: 386 install

Hi folks,

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Bek Oberin wrote:

> Daniel Migowski wrote:
> > On Montag, 20. November 2000 16:15, Jean-Marc Cadudal wrote:
> > > I have an old 386 on which I'd like to install Debian 2.2.
> > > HP Vectra RS/20
> > > 10 Mb RAM
> > > 100 Mb DISK
> > > Floppy 1,4 Mb
> > > Floppy 1,2 Mb
> > Btw. forget it. I saw a pentium/100 with 8MB RAM, and it was unusable slow. 
> > apt-get-installing a 20kb-package took 5 Minutes(!). After upgrading to 24MB 
> > RAM (didn't check 16MB), it was a cool server, even able to run small 
> > php3-scripts in a fast manner.
> I have a 486 with 12mb of RAM, and it runs fine in text mode.  I
> don't use X anyway so that's cool with me.  I would think 10mb
> should be fine if you don't overload it.
> bekj

Even 8Mb are fine. I run Debian potato on a 486 with 8Mb RAM and 340Mb
harddisk. In textmode it's absolutely no problem. I even ran X on it, it
worked not bad, though it really is not incredibly fast (though it really
depends, what window-manager you use, I had best results with blackbox or
uwm). If you have a network connection, you could run X over the network
and use the machine as terminal.
It is no problem to install programs with dpkg (use --smallmem option),
when I upgraded from slink, I even used apt.
Recently I found, that I only start X on that machine to look at my
typeset tex-documents, so I purged it and installed svgalib and dvisvga,
which also freed me a lot of hd-space.
So depends, on what you want to do with the machine. Compiling larger
programs can take several hours, rendering fonts with metafont also takes
some minutes.
But for textmode-working your machine should be fine (though I have no
experience with 386, as already said, mine is a 486).

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