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Re: afterstep and saved states in potato

Dave Wilk wrote:
> Howdy folks,
> I compiled AfterStep 1.6.10 on a slink machine a while back and really
> enjoyed the 'saved state' feature that would return all my apps the way
> they were before I quit X after loggin out via aftersteps script (the
> button in the wharf).
> Now I have a potato system (fully updated) with the same version of
> afterstep only from the deb package rather than from source.  The configs
> have the same line in the autoboot file specifying to read the 'saved
> state' file, but this file is always empty.  From comments in the docs it
> appears this feature is a compile time option.  Does anyone know why it
> doesn't work?  would it have been compiled out as a feature and yet
> configured to read this file at startup anyway?  doesn't make much sense,
> but then again neither do I...
> thanks,
> Dave

Hello Dave,

It has been a long time since I ran AS 1.6.x but as I remember it
always saved the current desktop(s) settings.  You are correct that
there is a compile time option to enable/disable saving the open
windows (it's called --enable-savewindows) and the default is yes.

I now am using one of the latest versions of AS, 1.8.6, and I would
recommend to you to upgrade to it.  There are a lot of new features
as well as fixes.  It's available at www.afterstep.org (which you
 probably already knew).

The only thing I can think of that might be your problem is that
you/afterstep doesn't have write permission to the G/L/A directory
where the .workstate file is written to.

Cheers, T. Tilton

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