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Re: how to watch VCD?

On Sunday 19 November 2000 12:31, Jerry wrote:
> I'm trying to watch VCD with gtv and plaympeg
> but it always tell me "vedio memory protecting",
> what does that mean?
> what sould I do before I can watch VCD?
> please help me about it, thanks

The non-free answer can be found in a previous post (Gatut SE Ribowo 
<gatutr@yahoo.com> 2000-09-28).

Quoting the pertinent part: "I tried to play VCD with MpegTV. It runs just 
fine, but the FullScreen mode doesn't work." (S/He's obviously having some 

My own attempts to play VCD's with free tools has thus far been successful. 
The problem I believe is in getting the data off the VCD. If the data (found 
in the pseudo file </cdrom/mpegav/avseq0?.dat>) can be extracted correctly, 
you can can watch the movie in the VCD. To test this little theory of mine I 
copied </mpegav/avseq01.dat> using windoze. plaympeg played <avseq01.dat> 
just fine. Under gtv the video looks a bit jumpier.

BTW, I tried both dd and cp under linux but the resulting file is unplayable 
(or only the first frame, freeze-framed, appears). I also found out that the 
program cdrdao can duplicate some VCD's.

Now, can anybody complete this half-baked answer? Does anybody know of any 
linux way of extracting the data off a VCD so it can be piped to plaympeg, 
etc? This probably will be the video equivalent of audio "ripping." VCD's are 
the poor man's DVD and are more in keeping with the openness of the linux 

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