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Re: Setting up SMTP and POP servers - QMail or what?

Griffith Feeney <gfeeney@hawaii.edu> wrote

>>1) QMAIL - 'cos it's also a POP server, meaning I can revert to my
>>Windows clients if I fail to find a Linux one I likt.

>Do you really want to run a POP server? I.e., is your machine on all the
>time, and do you want to receive incoming mail for other people and let
>them pick it up from your machine? Probably not. Why not stick with exim,
>using eximconfig option 2 "smarthost" to send mail via your ISP's machine.

>2) FETCHMAIL - to get my mail from other ISPs.

This is my situation:

ISP1 delivers using SMTP
ISP2 and ISP3 require me to retrieve using their POP servers

As I see it, QMAIL acting as an SMTP server (MTA?) receives the mail
from ISP1, while FETCHMAIL goes to ISP2 and ISP3's POP servers and
downloads the mail, giving it to QMAIL just like ISP1's SMTP server.

Thus QMAIL now has all my mail.  By using QMAIL's POP3 server I can
use my normal Windows POP3 clients and/or Linux clients to read it,
these clients being configured to use QMAIL as their outbound SMTP

Erm ... am I making _any_ sense ;-).

Thanks for trying to unconfuse me!

Robin Collins

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