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Re: installing modules for NICs


I pretty sure that there is no 3c90x module that comes with debian, support
for the 3com 9XX series card comes from what I call the "vortex" module
(3c59x), http://www.scyld.com/network/vortex.html has specifics on what
cards/chipsets it supports.

Silver's post has directions on installing modules, I suspect your trying to
install the ones from 3com which is what is getting you in trouble.

Also, do a search on google.com for 3CSOHO100-TX.


on 11/20/00 11:25 AM, urbanyon at urbanyon@urbanyon.com wrote:

> is there a document, or something, that tells one how to install a module?
> i'm a newbie trying to get debian up and running, and have gotten some
> good help from this list.  all i need is to get my NIC installed (3com
> model # 3CSOHO100-TX).  i think the driver is the 3c90x, and although i
> managed to download it successfully, i have no clue as to how to install
> it.  any help is much appreciated.
> thanks!

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