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Re: Matrox G450 graphics card xserver config

mike wrote:
>         I have been running the Mach64 xserver with my ATI graphics
> card and Samtron monitor. I replaced the ATI with a Matrox Millenium
> G450 16MB card and reconfigured XF86Config for the SVGA  server
> recommended by xviddetect along with settings for my monitor sync.
>         But every time i startx my monitor says 'sync out of range' and
> hangs. I tried different sync settings etc. but still no luck. Can anyone
> running this card under Xfree86 3.3.6 or 4 give me some clues to
> your Matrox card settings etc?
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Hi Mike,

I have the G400 so I will assume that it is close to the G450 in 
frequencies of operation.  It also uses the SVGA server in X.
I have sent with this mail the settings in the XF86Config file for
my card and monitor (Viewsonic P810).

When you reconfigured you XF86Config file did you do it using
If you didn't chances are some or most of the "Modeline" values are not

Below is the attachment for my "Monitor" and "Graphics" sections.

Hope this is helpful.

Regards,  T. Tilton

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