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dselect or dpkg? packages.gz-file

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Eckert <c_eckert@gmx.net> writes:

    Christian> Hello debian-users,
    Christian> I am a linux novice and I am running 2.0.36 on my old first generation's pentium.

    Christian> I always used successfully "dselect" with the option multi-cd for to install some deb-packages of my distribution.
    Christian> Now I like to install a downloaded deb.package or one from another cd.
    Christian> I tried (with option mounted) and dselect wants to know some packages.gz-file, but I haven' t any.

    Christian> So I have some questions: 

    Christian> Do I have to use dpkg -i      and 

    Christian> is dselect only dedicated for the installation of the deb-pakages delivered with the distibutions cds?
    Christian> I can't believe it.

    Christian> After having installed some deb-packages with dpkg -i (with respect to some dependencies etc) dselect tells me
    Christian> all these packages to be obsolete. Why?

    There should have been no problem with using dpkg -i directly, and
if dselect thinks the version you installed is obsolete, it probably
really is. Anyways, my suggestion is for you to change the access
method from 'multi_cd' to 'apt', which will include the CD mountpoints
in the /etc/apt/sources.list, then include the standard directories
fou your the particular version of Debian you're using. Check out if
you have apt installed and if the version of dselect you're using is
APT aware.
    Just out of curiosity, what is the package you're trying to

    Christian> What do I have to consider, how can I install some packages with dselect?
    Christian> I just read in s.o. mail to aviod dselect, but why?

    That could have been me. Lots of people (including yours truly)
find using apt-get (to install individual packages and upgrading your
system smoothly) and aptitude (to select from the the list of
available packages) much more pleasant than wandering through the
obscure meanders of dselect's mysterious ways.

Allan F. Caetano
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