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dselect or dpkg? packages.gz-file

Hello debian-users,
I am a linux novice and I am running 2.0.36 on my old first generation's pentium.
I always used successfully "dselect" with the option multi-cd for to install some deb-packages of my distribution.
Now I like to install a downloaded deb.package or one from another cd.
I tried (with option mounted) and dselect wants to know some packages.gz-file, but I haven' t any.
So I have some questions:
Do I have to use dpkg -i      and
is dselect only dedicated for the installation of the deb-pakages delivered with the distibutions cds?
 I can't believe it.
After having installed some deb-packages with dpkg -i (with respect to some dependencies etc) dselect tells me
all these packages to be obsolete. Why?
What do I have to consider, how can I install some packages with dselect?
I just read in s.o. mail to aviod dselect, but why?
Thanks in advance

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