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Re: No 's' key after logon

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 01:01:17AM -0800, John Bagdanoff wrote:
> Well, I finally hit a WALL with woody:
> Briefly, my problem:
> Once I try to login after booting, my 's' key just beeps at me!  So
> 'startx' won't work because I have no 's'... just a beep.
<some text snipped>
> Why couldn't it have been 'z' that went belly up instead of 's'?  
> Any help out there?  Any clue to what might be happening?  And
> hopefully a fix?
> (beep)incerly, your(beep)
> John

Open your keyboard and clear the ash/ dust
that you may find inside. Secure the cable
properly before closing ...

I had s*m*lar problem with the  "i" key  a
few days back. Initial symptoms were nil /
erratic response from the "i" key. After a
day or two four keys in a line got the bug
and "8 i k ," keys started going loco ..

Tried a whole lot of keycode= and all sort
of monkey tricks .... No joy. The good old 
screwdriver finally set everything right.

Lessons learnt : 

1. No smoking at the keyboard.
2. Hardware is just as flaky as software
   (specially if M$ came pre-loaded).
3. Screwdriver may work where fsck fails.

USM Bish


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