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Solved!!!!! (was Re: No 's' key after logon)

And the winner of "John'ss Debian Geek of the year" award goess to:

David Wright  (the band playss "Tussk")

I had edited /etc/inputrc, adding:

bell-style none

Forgot to put "set" in there.

Moral of Sstory:  
Don't ever edit global filess (if possssible) &:
check ssyntax twice, ssave once.

And the runner upss are:

Karssten M. Sself
For his humourouss and helpfull attitude.  Problem musst have been
related to 'set'?

and Jeff Green
for hiss "check the hardware" suggesstion.

Debian-usser Rockss!!!!

John (who will never take 's' for granted ever again)

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 01:20:00PM +0000, David Wright wrote:
> Quoting John Bagdanoff (bagdanof@home.com):
> > Once I try to login after booting, my 's' key just beeps at me!  So
> > 'startx' won't work because I have no 's'... just a beep.
> > 
> > And, in mc, I get a 'warning, cant cd into archives'..... probably
> > because it has an 's' in it.  Thinking, it may be the latest bash
> > upgrade, I wanted to downgrade to the earlier bash that was there.
> > But, noooooooo, dpkg couldn't find 'bah.deb'.  Even though I got the above
> > warning, mc did show the archives directory.  In mc, I was able to use
> > the 's' key.
> > So I reboot to 'Linux single', but again, no 's'.  bummer.
> > So I try 'mutt'  (thank the gods... No 's' in 'mutt').  Now, I'm
> > typing this in 'vim' and the 's' (obviously) is working.
> Someone lost their E by putting
> "\eOF":end-of-line <--- correct
> "\EOF":end-of-line <--- incorrect
> into .inputrc . Could it be something similar?
> Cheers,
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