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Re: Gome and window managers.

On 11/19/00, 7:17:30 PM, Stan Brown wrote:

> Could someone pleas explain the relationship between Gnome and
> windo managers?

GNOME provides the desktop and network environment. The window manager
provides window decorations e.g. Borders, Title Bars and anything
related with moving/resizing/opening/closing etc. windows.

> Is there a "Gnome Prefered" window manager? How do I set up to sue
> it if there is? If not couldsomeone give me a recomenadtion as to
> which one to use with Gnome?

It's a matter of personal preference really. As GNOME is quite heavy
resource-wise, I prefer lightweight window managers. I use Sawmill but
I suggest you experiment and find what suits you.

You can do most configuration from the GNOME Control Center applet
which allows you to switch between window managers and run their own
configuration tools.

Neil Darlow.

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